My Rules for Travel

So, if you didn’t know, I’m introverted. People are always shocked by this revelation, because I’m so sociable. And while I am quite happy by nature, I am social out of necessity. My professional self is mask of extroverted behavior. I crawl into the persona each morning and, as soon as I clock out, I quickly shed the disguise.

Because truthfully, crowds give me anxiety, small talk bores me to tears, and I can find perfection in the quiet. I am at my best when I’m alone watching Netflix analyzing the behavior of Olivia Pope.

So why in the world am I choosing to travel and blog about it? Well, as Ginny Rometty once said, “Growth and comfort do no co-exist.” So, the act of traveling for me, is stepping outside of my comfort zone. But just to make it interesting…

1) I must participate in one event or go to one place I would normally say no to.

This terrifies my introverted self. My heart flips frantically and I worry about things that haven’t even happened. But that’s exactly why I’m going to try. And document each thing or event or place.

2) I must eat at a local restaurant that isn’t found outside of that state.

This is simply selfish pleasure because, when I’m not traveling I’m damn near a vegetarian.

photo of Stuffed gulf jumbo shrimp and garlic parmeasean rice from RTs Restaurant
Stuffed Gulf Jumbo shrimp and garlic parmesan rice from RT’s Restaurant in Alexandria, VA
Meatball Sliders from Mimi’s Blue Meatballs in Indianapolis, IN

3) I must blog about my entire experience.

Hence why you all are here, enjoying my experiences vicariously… You should come join me! Each location I visit will highlight one an event or place or activity and also highlight the food. I will include many other shots, of course.