“It’s Handled” – Introducing: The Obsessive Planner’s Guide

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Introducing: The Obsessive Planner

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it many, many times, I am a planner. Not just a planner, I am a PLANNER. Capital “P” all bold letters. I plan everything.

When I decided to start this blog? I laid out an extensive plan for when I would begin, where I would go, where I could potentially stay, who I would tell, how I would write. I researched blogs and articles and tutorials on domestic travel, foreign travel, blogging, logging, SEO, social media, promotion, marketing, Gravatars, CSS, WordPress, self-hosting–all these new terms that meant nothing two weeks ago. This plan now lives in several evolving Word documents. And I must say, in my planning, I discovered that authorities leave so much out in the lists, explanations, and tutorials on how to start a blog (or website in general, really). But…that’s for another post.

After I came back from Washington DC, I felt the restlessness slowly creep back upon me. I had no more travel for May, no new travel scheduled for a month (next location coming soon!!), and seemingly, nothing more to do with this new venture in my life until I left again. Well, you can imagine how scary that made me feel considering how much I don’t like idle time. So I wondered, “well, what do travelers write about when they aren’t traveling?”

I’ll spare you the research that question brought on. But you know, Google really has an answer to damn near everything. Including any and every question I’ve had about travel, this blog, and everything attached to it–maybe not as extensive as I would prefer. BUT, that’s when the idea behind, “The Obsessive Planner” began to take shape.

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Who Is the Obsessive Planner?

1. The Obsessive Planner loves the internet.

The Obsessive Planner uses the internet to sate her* curiosity and loves Google (or any search engine, really) particularly for its ability to answer most questions no matter how she formulates the question. Google becomes the personal secretary for information.

2. The Obsessive Planner reads voraciously.

And probably owns more than one book (I’ve long since stopped counting the number of books on my shelf) All the best (and worst) answers come in words. The Obsessive Planner reads to find the answer to her question, reads beyond the answers she attempts to locate until the brain fills with information that she may not need then, but will always need eventually. Actually, the Obsessive Planner reads for pleasure, researches for pleasure, because the exciting comes from the hunt.

3. The Obsessive Planner is self-motivated.

And therefore, the she sets self-made deadlines, due dates, expectations, and standards. To keep herself from feeling constantly disappointed, these deadlines, dates, expectations, and standards have flexibility–I mean, life happens, right?

4. The Obsessive Planner’s brain is ALWAYS on.

Which can lead to long nights and the occasional conversation with herself. The Obsessive Planner types, write, texts, emails all manner of notes, reminders, suggestions, ideas that pop into her mind–my desk is filled with various sticky notes of all shapes, sizes, and colors (both at work and at home). The Obsessive Planner creates an itinerary for all new situations, accounting for every moment, even down time.

5. The Obsessive Planner is cautious, at times, overly so.

The Obsessive Planner doesn’t take one step, not one move without meticulously researching all possible avenues and outcomes of the situation. And she becomes particularly annoyed when the unexpected derails her journey. But that only makes her plan better for the next time.

In short? The Obsessive Planner always tries to prepare for the unexpected, the good and the bad. Ultimately, however, what all of us realize? No one can plan for the unexpected. Hardest truth for a planner to swallow, but truth nonetheless. But, the plans we create help cushion the blow from the impact of the unexpected. At least, my plans always have.

But why “The Obsessive Planner?”

My aunt asked me just the other day, “how is security at the airport?” Not an odd question, but for those of us who travel or have ever traveled, we certainly know the answer to the question. But, what about those who don’t travel as often? What about those who have never traveled before? Those who maybe have traveled in the past, but not in recent years? They need answers too. And not just to questions like how is airport security? Perhaps one of you want to know how to select the best hotel for your tastes. Or how to style her curly, natural crown while traveling in the winter. Or whether to use Uber in a city they’ve never resided in.

As I said, Google has the answers to pretty much all these questions and more. Many bloggers more experienced than I answer them everyday. But. Not every blogger plans as obsessively as I do. As such, my answers tend to have a bit more detail…

Also, I can’t possibly be the only person who thinks this way. Who plans this way. Who tries to account for as many minutes in the day so I don’t waste time. I figure someone else in this big world can appreciate this post because they are currently planning for the Monday work-day (I finished a few hours ago).

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What Will “The Obsessive Planner” Cover?

Everything. As Olivia Pope would say, “Oh I’ve always cards to play.”

I’ve got a list (of course) of potential topics I want to post about, topics people have already asked me about. But I’m flexible and open to any other topics I could potentially post on–send me suggestions! I am currently working on my first guide…coming soon!

*for the purpose of the article, I set a female pronoun, however, the Obsessive Planner can also be male.

Final Note: The initial title of this article comes from the hit ABC show, Scandal, Season 3, Episode 1. Seemed rather appropriate for this series.

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